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Aloha Mai Kakou...

Elite's Journey...

Everyone has a journey, no matter how you write it.  

Isn't it true, it's the peaks and valleys that mold us?  When I look back, I couldn't have imagined my life.  I do believe the Universe has a plan, so buckle up!  For those of you that had "that plan," good for you...that wasn't and isn't my story. 

Consciously I recall my life taking shape at some point during my time in Culinary School in San Francisco and taking off soon after.

After decades of experience, I am an expert at one thing and that is loving people.

I often reflect on how many people in my life took time from their own busy schedules to comfort me, guide me, offer advice and knowledge, ideas, "margarita" days & nights, labor of love, and then press repeat!

Elite Activities of Hawai'i & Elite Kaua'i Car Rental (E.K.CAR) are both expressions of my own "why" over decades. I have worked with people who are of the most talented and incredible kind people whom I can only thank for allowing me their spirit and creativity. My family, kids, and friends are my greatest gift, taste testers, heroes, cheer squad, videographers, photographers, drivers, shoppers and anything else that got me going.  


To my clientele who truly are my 2nd Ohana, it continues to be an unbelievable privilege and overwhelming feeling to be a part of your dreams, visions and lives as you allow me the freedom to expand into the worlds of your families and friends, growing this once single strand of yarn into a beautiful quilt. You all have graciously allowed me the honor of assisting you with vacation planning, events and so many amazing moments while probably unknowingly allowing me to make this girls wildest dreams come alive and true too!  


With all of my love and aloha,

Gratefully yours,



And as always, Welcome to the other side of the Rainbow!  




Island Activities / Beach Gear Rentals / Grocery & Liquor Delivery / Massage / Fun In The Sun /Transportation / Event Planning

Private Chef /  Photography / Education & Learning / Real-Estate / Elite Kaua'i Car Rental

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Kaua'i, Maui, Oahu, Hawai'i

Try something unforgettable, come island hop with us...
Consider a private inter-island helicopter flight to get you from one island to the next, or dive with over 250 species of fish that can only
be found in Hawai'i and no place else in the world due to it's isolated location. If you're having a difficult time choosing your island destination or think you've seen it all just because you've already been haven't!  As your Personal Concierge, we will hear your hopes and offer our suggestions every step of the way to elevate your Island experience while you're with us and that is where the fun begins!

Did you know Maui hosts a lavender farm with over 55,000 lavender plants on 13.5 acres at an elevation roughly 4000 feet on the slopes of Haleakala? On the Big Island of Hawai'i, put your sneakers on and go back in time and walk yourself into a subterranean cave formed by ancient flowing lava at Nahuku - Thurston Lava Tube Historical Landmark in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park.


Summer beach vacation fun snorkel girl s



Beach Chairs, Umbrellas, Snorkel Gear, Boogie Boards, Coolers

By the day or by the week, we have you covered!  Kaua'i 

Fresh Groceries



Send Us Your List...

Opening Car Door


Vroom, Vroom!

If you're looking for rental cars or private transportation, look no further. Minimum 5-day rental.

Luxury hotel spa massage table Asian wom


Just Breathe

We bring a licensed massage therapist right to your door, while keeping you safe & comfortable at all times. Kaua'i 

Beautiful Luxury Home with Swimming Pool


Real Estate Sales & Rentals


Whether you're looking to purchase or sell your home, we're here to make sure you find the right one for you!  Real-estate can be complicated but it really shouldn't us via email or by phone anytime. 

The Stairway to Heaven on Oahu, Hawaii,



If You Can Hike'Em, We Can List'em...

Every trail offers something unique.  You don't have to be the best hiker, but you absolutely should know your limits.  Some hikes are much more strenuous than others.  Always be prepared, proper shoes & layering clothing is best! Bring lots of water/snacks on every hike and always mention where you're hiking and when you left, especially if you are hiking alone. Hiking alone isn't ever recommended but if you're really going to go....tell the front desk where you're staying, call us or a friend so we can make sure you're safely back from your hike.
All Islands  

Lumaha'i Beach, Kaua'i

Rocks frame the turquoise ocean with sur



Not All Island Beaches Are Created Equal...

Yes, all Hawaiian beaches are beautiful and definitely a treasure! They're all a little different and if you click the arrow, we'll have the break down for you. All Islands Coming Soon

Fresh fruit at the market, Kauai, Hawaii



Fruits, Vegetables & Then Some

Have you ever seen fresh fruit or veggies directly from a farm? It's brighter, you can smell it from a distance & the taste is instantly fresher!  You're here, so experience our Islands' unique flavors and textures...we've listed farmers markets throughout the Islands, take a moment & enjoy the fruits of their labor. All Islands

French Fries
Plated Fish Fillet
Fresh cream is a heaping bowlful of Hawa
IMG_0555 (1).jpg



Let's Check Out the Scene Around Town

We've put together an easy place to some fantastic venues... take a moment & enjoy the local scene around town. Make certain to browse the websites provided of the local the islands make a comeback, they'll be hosting some entertainment to welcome you home....

Travel like you've always wanted to, you might just like it - Biba

Woman hands holding Flower lei garland o

At Elite Activities of Hawai'i, we're privileged to oversee your most important commodity,


Sea Turtle


We're working on your checklist so you don't have to. Let go and come relax, Island Style!

Your Perfect Island Vacation!


You take care of the dreaming; we'll take care of the details. Because there's no place on earth more spectacular than the Hawaiian Islands to envision your dream holiday. 


We'll connect your vision with talent that won't compromise when working to make those dreams come true!


Envision your special occasion on Kaua'i.

Beautiful spinner dolphins near the Big
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