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Rocks frame the turquoise ocean with sur

The Beaches of Hawai'i

Have you ever been to a beach that has left you breathless?  Well, if you haven't, it's time to explore some of the most beautiful landscaping on this planet! 


Hawai'i offers black sand beaches (Punalu'u Beach, Maui), one of the few red sand beaches in the world (Kaihalulu Beach, Maui), and even the rarest of them all, with only 4 in the world, a green sand beach (Papakolea Beach, Big Island).

Enjoy playing in the sand!

Fresh fruit at the market, Kauai, Hawaii

Farmer's Markets
You hear the words "farmers market" and you think of local, fresh and community. They're feel good words that make you want to be a part of something with people you don't even know. 

In Hawai'i, Farmer's Markets have a culture all their own. Everyone comes to play! There's a sweet smell in the air from fresh lei's to the sweetest papayas. You'll see Chefs, locals and visitors alike, it's quite the affair. Produce, fruit, plate lunches, grilled foods, fresh breads, cut pineapples, pressed pineapples, juiced pineapples, music and so much more, a perfect day spent!

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. Where is Elite Activities of Hawai'i located? 

A. Kaua'i, right in Old Koloa Town.

Q. Do you have to wear your face masks in Hawai'i?

A. Yes, indoors and to all activities.

Q. How do I change/cancel my reservations?

A. Call us directly at 808-638-3821. Please check the cancellation/change policy on your voucher. 

Q. What is the best time of year to visit Hawai'i?

A. September thru November is a quieter time of year, January too. June, July and August are the busiest time of year.

The Stairway to Heaven on Oahu, Hawaii,

Hiking in the State of Hawai'i

Hiking anywhere is magical so don't forget to add our Islands on your to-do list. is your trail solution...they are just about everywhere worldwide and extremely knowledgeable - so why re-invent the wheel..go with the best!  They are your perfect the button below. 

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