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Frequently Asked Questions...

This is a great place to find answers to questions that may be on your mind -

Why Elite Activities Of Hawai'i?

1. Elite Activities of Hawai'i (EAOH), offers a Complimentary Concierge service to you regardless of where you are staying.

2. No Annual Membership dues.

3. Our team is passionate about delivering superior service.

4. EAOH's team brings clients the most collective Island knowledge and Industry relationships.

5. EAOH is always researching the most competitive rates to provide you the ultimate in convenience, service and value.

6. We don't require you to take a timeshare presentation EVER.

7. There is no better rate for the service we will provide to you, guaranteed!

8. At EAOH, we don't have time to be second best.

How Do I Book Island Activities & Other Services?

You can currently book certain activities online on the Book Activities Online page. Providers associated through Book Activities Online pages are affiliated FareHarbor, a cloud-based booking software for tours, activities and attractions. We are always available by email (sales@eliteactivitiesofhawaii) or phone (808-638-3821 6am-6pm HST).

How Do I Pay for Activities & Services?

1. Online reservations will be paid directly online with your credit card through the FareHarbor connected link once you click the book button. Reservations for activities and all other services made my phone require a credit card at the time of booking to guarantee your activity or service requested.

2. Credit cards accepted: American Express, Visa, Mastercard & Discover, debit cards with Visa or Mastercard logo.


3. Personal checks are NOT accepted.

How Do I Get My Information?

1. Reservations made online thru links, will receive immediate confirmation containing relevant information to activity or service provided.

2. Reservations made calling EAOH directly will receive vouchers to emails provided containing information relevant to service booked or activity booked. 

What Happens If I Want To Make Changes?

Call us immediately. Communication is key. Changes can always be made as long as you are within cancellation window and there is availability so the sooner you know, we can assist you. If you wait last minute, chances are, there won't be space for what you need. 


Cancelling Activity Reservations made online or via phone:


You must call EAOH directly by phone at 808-638-3821 or via email at sales@eliteactivitiesofhawaii.com48 hours in advance of the check-in time of the activity time & date, unless otherwise noted on your voucher ticket, no exceptions will be made. Refunds will be processed back to the original form of payment. Elite Activities of Hawai'i doesn't charge a cancellation fee.

Cancelling Transportation Service:

Transportation service requires a 24-hour cancellation (unless otherwise noted on your voucher), notice from the time of scheduled pick-up, no exceptions. You must call EAOH directly at 808-638-3821   only.   Emails will NOT be accepted.

All Other Services:

Your Personal Concierge will direct you per circumstance. Minimum cancellation will vary per group size and service provided. Details are to be provided and clearly communicated via email as confirmation from  No verbal contract will be agreed upon.

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